The IMTC (International Money Transfer Conference) hosts the largest Money Transfer conferences in the World. A partnership between Mohr World Consulting and the NMTA (National Money Transmitter Association), IMTC provides a meeting place for all  industry professionals who participate in the movement of money across borders. The conferences take place twice a year in the US, IMTC Miami & IMTC West, as well as conferences in Brazil & Mexico, to share common ideas, values, and trends for the money transfer industry. IMTC is the vehicle, Money Transfer is what brings the industry together. IMTC Conference Participants donate generously to MTMD when they register for a conference or at the conferences.



Mohr World Consulting

Mohr World Consulting advises corporations, financial institutions, multilateral and government agencies on remittances & money transfers from a business and market standpoint, in addition to developing conferences and seminars on the topic. Created in 2001 by Hugo Cuevas-Mohr with over 20 years in the money transfer industry, Mohr World Consulting advises money transfer companies throughout  North, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Europe.


The Spark Group

The Spark Group is a full-service social media consultancy committed to the development and maintenance of online relationships. Through our creation and management of your online personality, we strive to bring you closer to your community by embracing the technologies that have redefined the way that the world communicates. The Spark Group has been working closely with the Money Transfer Industry to ensure that its businesses have access to the new technologies that help them better interact with their customers.